Millard Roth, provides business advisory and investment banking services.
Competitive Innovative Analytical
Intuitive Creative Collegial
Solid business acumen Results oriented Versatile
A “deal” creator and doer. An excellent organizer, team builder, motivator, facilitator Effectively prioritizes to maximize opportunities.

CEO for 2 private, 2 public and 1 not-for-profit; Co-Chairperson of the “Repositioning Committee for a charitable foundation; developing and executing strategic plans; identifying, negotiating and closing acquisitions/JV’s/divestitures; leading corporate reorganizations/the renegotiation of lender/key supplier terms; managing a diversified “SME” portfolio (realized IRR: 0.0% – 411.0%); negotiating 2 IPOs and 2 RTOs; realigning business models


Human Solutions International Inc.

Employee and Family Assistance Plan Provider

Advisory Board Vice Chairman / Executive Committee (18 Months)

Guided the realignment of the business model; negotiated new financing; refocused senior management; recruited an Advisory Board; managed the termination of senior executives; initiated new M.I.S.; coached the President achieved a major turn around (from Special Loans to a 6 figures bank account).


Vubiz Inc.

E-learning – Soft Skills

Board of Directors (4 years)

Weekly strategic consultation with the Chairman.


Shaftesbury Films Inc.

TV  Series Producer and Distributor

Board of Directors; Audit/Compensation/Strategic Planning Committee Chair (12 years – present)

  • Arranged sub-debt
  • Introduced new management reporting
  • Led financial and strategic review
  • Helped to resolve a partnership dispute
  • President coaching/advising

Atelier America Inc.

Dimensional/textured art reproductions

CEO (1 year + 1 year advisory)

  • Arranged new financing; resolved major shareholder differences; realigned the business model
  • “Right-sized” the organization and avoided factory unionization
  • Negotiated terms with key suppliers
  • Refocused and motivated senior management.


Medical practice software

Board of Directors (8 years)

  • Initiated the “Capital Pool Company”; negotiated 5 potential major transactions. Guided an asset sale. Sold “the Shell”.

Tengtu International Corp. – NASDAQ-BB

Multi-media K-12 courseware for the Peoples Republic of China

Senior Vice President; Board of Directors (18 months)

  • Neutralized a control challenge
  • Coordinated capital raising
  • Managed governance; directed Auditors and Lawyers;
  • Coordinated investor, strategic and joint venture (3 Beijing based) IT partner relations.

CCC Information Services of Canada Inc.

Computerized total car loss data base marketing to the car insurance industry

CEO (4 years)

  • Identified and negotiated the transaction
  • Recruited and directed senior management
  • Interacted with key accounts and prospects
  • Maintained active relations with U.S. NASDAQ partner
  • Substantially grew the business
  • Negotiated a highly profitable sale
  • Currently Board of Directors

The Canadian Motion Picture Distributors Association (representing the US film studios)

Established a government lobby, copyright retransmission collective, film security office and charitable foundation

CEO (11 years +)

  • Recruited and directed senior management
  • Maintained regular contact with senior provincial and federal government officials and politicians
  • Coordinated public and inter-and intra industry relations; directed collective bargaining;
  • Expanded the services, raised the financing to “green field” the collective, raised $100,000’s for children’s hospitals and film schools

TMS Marketing Limited

Direct response affinity marketing for AMEX and others

Board of Directors and Executive Committee (2 1/2 years)

  • Identified and negotiated the transaction; coached the President; assisted with banking and strategic relations.

Inniskillen Wines Inc.

Boutique grower of premium Niagara wines

Board of Directors (12 years)

  • Helped raise the capital to build the winery
  • Routinely reviewed operating and strategic issues
  • Coached the President
  • Led an unsuccessful RTO of a major public competitor.

Kimball-Aim Labels Inc.-ASE

Product identification pressure sensitive labels, bar-coded courier dispatch labels, license plate renewal stickers

Board of Directors, Management Committee (12 years)

  • Negotiated an RTO and major acquisition from a Fortune 500 U.S. multi-national
  • Identified the prospective purchaser (TSE) and negotiated the profitable sale of the business, the building and the public “shell

Menu Foods Corporation

Private label canned pet food

Board of Directors and Management Committee (2 years)

  • Arranged a new and larger long term debt facility
  • Coached the President
  • Assisted the negotiation of a U.S. acquisition.

Swing Stage Limited

Manufacturer of suspended scaffold systems

Board of Directors (7 years)

  • Identified and negotiated the transaction
  • Developed the business strategy
  • Conducted the search for joint venture partners and negotiated a joint venture with a subsidiary of a K. public, building products company
  • Negotiated a highly profitable sale.

Earth Fresh Foods Corp. (formerly Gemini Food Corp. –TSE)

Fresh potato, carrot and onion growing, processing and distribution

Board of Directors and Management Committee (5 years)

  • Negotiated RTO
  • Arranged new bank facility; negotiated acquisition and “bought deal” IPO
  • Grew the business by 400% in 3 years
  • Negotiated a highly profitable “going private”
  • Currently, advisor to the owner and the CFO.

USL Industries Inc.

Manufacturer of steel studs, roof deck, expanded metal and T-Bar ceiling systems

Board of Directors and Management Committee (1 1/2 years)

  • Negotiated asset acquisition from the auctioneer and a partnership with the major shareholder
  • Arranged new banking and a new source for steel
  • Managed the receivership process
  • Negotiated a distress sale to a competitor.


Various assignments involving business model and organization change, financing, acquisition search and integration, improved efficiency and effectiveness.


Purdue University Krannert Graduate Business School,
West Lafayette, Indiana:

Master of Science in Industrial Management

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, New York:

Bachelor of Science in Management Engineering


• Corporate Controller, Levy Industries Limited (bikes, hockey sticks & skates; OEM and after-market auto, aircraft and machine tool parts)
• Consultant, VRSK Management Consultants
• Assistant to the V.P. Production Electric Reduction Co. of Can. Ltd. ( industrial and agricultural phosphates & sodium chlorate)


Canadian Association of Management Consultants (Life-Time)

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